Lewerentz at Klippan

Klippan, 1961--64


This short sequence of clips are from a collection of clips Nyberg filmed during the construction of Saint Peter’s Church in Klippan. These films show the building under construction, Lewerentz’s interaction with the worker and contractors and the consecration of the chapel upon completion. In addition to moving pictures, Nyberg films still images and edits them to create a narrative such as the sequence shown here of Lewerentz from a distance, and then a quick zoom to his aged face, full of expression.

These films are as much a study of Lewerentz as a man as they are of his work. They were Nyberg’s way of introducing himself to Lewerentz while working towards creating a documentary that would in turn introduce Lewerentz to the world. Nyberg and Lewerentz would come to be close collaborators beginning with their meetings on the site of this project in 1961.