Preschool for the Mentally Ill

Lekskola för utvekslingsstörda

Eslöv, 1967

Koistinen & Nyberg

The anomaly of the campus is the pre-school and children’s playrooms; formed rom cylindrical brick volumes, it differentiates itself from the context offering playful and unexpected spaces within its masonry shells. The monochromatic images of this catalog do not do the project justice as the colorful interior surfaces with sophisticated lighting, ceilings and finishes show an intense desire to create stimulating environments for the impaired occupants. Findings in the archive suggest that considerable research was done for the design of this facility as numerous academic papers on the subject of designing for the emotionally disturbed were found.

Characteristic of the pair’s work, the building expertly solves the programmatic requirements while sublimely and silently creates meaningful spaces. The pre-school was demolished shortly after its completion. It is rumored that there was a dispute between the contractor, architect and client that resulted in the project’s short lifespan.