Anatomy & Histology Building

Institutionen för Anatomi och histologi

Lund, 1966


Nyberg’s work for the University in Lund included many projects, of which only one remains. It is comprised of a purist block and a highly articulated stair tower. Like his other work, the contrast between disparate elements becomes the conceptual driver. Nyberg accepts the mundane program of office building in the form of a double-loaded corridor with a reductive material expression. He embraces serial repetition in both plan and penetrations. The vertical stair tower caps the building at the entry point, serving as foil to the office block, with its intense material palette and detailing. Flanked by masonry and horizontal wooden panels, insulated glass, framed by mitered steel angles, scales up the façade alternating in proportion while expressing their thickness. The complexity continues within as massive stair treads interlock with the striations of the brick’s coursing, as red-colored blinds slice the light into thin lines as one ascends the stair tower.

The railings and ramp at the entry threshold, like the angles that secure the glass above, are all fabricated from flat steel bars. Consistent with his past work (and that yet to come) no hollow sections are used. Nyberg was obsessed with showing the honest thickness in metal sections while he often hid layered construction under the guise of the monolithic. It is precisely these material conflicts that allow two radically different expressions of form and program to engage in a precise dialog.