Temporary Building for Agricultural Technology

Provisorisk Byggnad, Institutionen för Lantbrukets Byggnadsteknik

Lund, 1966


Nyberg produced a number of structures for the university of Lund, of which only the Anatomy and Histology building remains. Of particular interest are his ‘corridor projects,’ to include the Temporary Building for Agricultural Technology and the conversion of the Economics Faculty Building. Both projects show a penchant for one-point perspective experiences shaped by a play on lighting and reveals, turning ordinary programs into sublime experiences. These corridors were more than just mere circulation. They appeared as if they were portals to another world distorting perspective and depth perception.

The linear space of the Agricultural Technology building produced the illusion of collapsing rectangles that shift focus from positive to negative, based on the use of natural and artificial lighting. The exterior of the building was equally sophisticated in its use of multi-colored linear scales of material. The space of this corridor is as much a sculpture of light akin to the work of James Turrell or Robert Irwin as much as it was a work of architecture. Unfortunately, these structures exist only in photographs and drawings; transient experiments in threshold, light and material never to be repeated or revisited in the later work.