Flat-pack chair



In Lewerentz’s later years he spent the majority of his time preparing his work for the archive in Stockholm. The Flower Kiosk in Malmö, new gates for the cemetery’s entrance and a house for the groundskeeper were his final realized projects. Both the competitions for the Växjö Catherdral and Riksdagshus in Stockholm were unsuccessful, and Lewerentz had a few remaining projects to include gates for the Eastern Cemetery in Malmö and the custodian’s housing there.

One of Lewerentz’s final designs was for a flat-pack chair and table with steel frames and glue-laminated wood surfaces. A similar chair was built over a decade earlier by Lewerentz as rough mock-up to test the ergonomics of the integrated masonry benches at St. Peter's Church in Klippan. Later the profile for the chair shows up in the design for a continuous concrete bench intended to wrap the space of the proposed Växjö cathedral. These two architectural applications combined with Lewerentz's ideas for an economical and easy to ship chair were the impetus for the project.

Nyberg and his colleagues assisted Lewerentz with the project and perhaps the only photographs of the two architects together were taken in the Black Box during evaluation of the prototypes produced by Töreboda. Only a few were completed along with a table from the same methods. Lewerentz had worked with Töreboda previously to produce custom wooden doors for his projects. One of the prototypes still exists as displayed in this exhibition. The chair utilizes multiple points of support for the back for a comfortable, but proper posture for various body types and sizes. The original brochure has also been reproduced.