Leander Residence

Villa Leander

Lund, 1963–76

Koistinen & Nyberg

Villa Leander was a constant work in progress with multiple additions over more than a decade. Nyberg’s work here illustrates a clear evolution of an approach to formmaking from the tectonic filigree framework of the garage and entry canopy to the monolithic bunker-like final addition. The clients, Lars and Annik were neighbors to Bernt and over the years became close. In 1963 they commissioned Nyberg to design the house, to which he promptly replied yes, and ‘if you can’t pay for my services it is no big deal.’ When first visiting the site there was a debate on whether to demolish the existing or do an addition. Bernt immediately knew that he could make something from the given structure transforming it into an abstract cubic composition holding a variety of spaces to include a ‘dark’ room for the children to play within. The stark cubic home is contrasted by the garage and entry canopy framed with steel angle cruciform columns within which wooden strips were stacked to enclose spaces.

The final addition was pure concrete mass. Like the other work that Bernt was involved with such as the Flower Kiosk and the Landstatshus in Malmö, there was a desire to create a wall that was the same both inside and out. With standing joints and the reuse of formwork for interior constructions, the stout volumes were representative of a language of working with concrete refined over many projects.