Riksdagshus Competition


Stockholm, 1971

Lewerentz & Nyberg

Lewerentz and Nyberg’s collaboration included two competition entries that, while unsuccessful, illustrate the influence that the architects had on each other. The Riksdagshus was an invited competition and the pair’s submission was immediately dismissed due to its radical approach of wrapping the Swedish Parliament with towering razor thin structures hovering above the surface of the water—while a massive below grade parliament hall acts as a ‘belly’ that has minimum impact on the street level. The project embodies a strong statement with efforts to create a widely visible element of the town­scape with its ‘change of water, city neighborhoods and islands.’ When it was revealed that Lewerentz was involved in this entry the jury could not be more surprised. It looked nothing of his work or his style of representation as it consisted of bloodlessly inked films of relentless repetitive structural bays connected with the ribbed teeth of a waffle slab.

Also exhibited is a print from the original etching done by Mariana Manner of the facade which accompanied the competition entry.