Skånska Drive-up Bank

Skånska Banken

Höllviken, 1960

Koistinen & Nyberg

Nyberg and Koistinen’s proposal for a small ‘drive-up’ branch of Skånska Bank resulted in a geometrically pure structure of near perfect symmetry for both the building and its site. Originally it was proposed that the two volumes that flank the central space elongate to become walls encompassing parking to create the illusion of a much larger structure; a clear desire to make a monumental move that addressed the site’s entirety. An early project of the firm, this building makes an attempt at purity without the raw and honest material ethic that would come to characterize the later work. It is a building that plays tricks, with openings that appear to disappear, deep-set into the openings with tinted glass and black frames. There is also the stacked bond of the block implying a skin when in fact these blocks serve as the super structure only articulated at the corners where they loosely interlock.

The building was once absorbed within a garish addition. One could still see the traces of the original building if they look close. Nostalgically, a photo of the building in its original state was hung in the lobby; proudly enough to be remembered, but not to be preserved.